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Creating Ethical Messaging that Transforms with Dr. Michelle Mazur

April 12, 2021 Marilyn Rose Season 3 Episode 30
The Wealthy Women Podcast
Creating Ethical Messaging that Transforms with Dr. Michelle Mazur
Show Notes

When you hear ethical marketing, what comes to your mind as a business owner? How does ethical marketing affect your messaging and your clients?

In this episode, we are joined by Dr. Michelle Mazur, an entrepreneur, a former Professor at the University of Hawaii for 5 years, has Ph.D. in Communication, and conducted research in argumentation and persuasion, a former college debater. You will get her thoughts on ethical marketing and how it affects your business and your clients. She will also give her thoughts on what healthy messaging in marketing looks like. You’ll also get an exclusive invitation to read her amazing book “The Three Word Rebellion”.


Today, Dr. Michelle shares her story with us:

✨ How she got into ethical marketing and entrepreneurial space through starting a blog and business which evolved to be more focused on the messages in the marketing industry;

✨ And how she started messaging with her Three-Word Rebellion framework and integrating messaging into marketing. 

✨ Her belief that your message powers your marketing and it equals an audience that primed for your work in saying yes to doing business with you.

✨ Her thoughts on bro marketing and how it affects the marketing strategies in different platforms.

✨ Her thoughts on creating an alternative and better marketing messaging that connects emotionally and deeply with potential clients.

✨ How brand marketing compares with message marketing, creating a sense of scarcity, and promoting transformation in the clients.

✨ Dr. Michelle talks about her book “The Three Word Rebellion” and what it’s all about.

✨ How she views what your three-word rebellion message should be, and how it should focus more on your clients than yourself and your sales. 

✨Her view about ethical marketing, ethical principles and philosophy, and how it affects you and your clients as well. 

✨How consumers should be more careful and take time to find legitimate ethical and honest marketing companies.

✨How she views wealth as freedom, great support, and being well-resourced.



🎧 Thanks for listening and see you on the next one!

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