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How to to Build Your List and Secure Your Digital Asset

February 11, 2021 Marilyn Rose Season 3 Episode 23
The Wealthy Women Podcast
How to to Build Your List and Secure Your Digital Asset
Show Notes

So there you are, building your followers and your community slowly. You tirelessly create content and make sure you create relationships with your followers. Then one night, you find your account deactivated and/or banned. All your followers, content, and conversations - GONE.

Sounds familiar? This happens to a lot of social media accounts, big and small. As a business owner who uses social media to reach out to potential clients, this can be a big blow. This is what inspired me to bring this topic to light, and help you create a list that is yours and will not depend on social media followings. The tips I give here are so simple but often not used effectively to build your own email list. Make sure you have your pen and paper ready and listen to this incredibly important topic!

I will share how you can secure your email list through:

✨ A story of my friend and the horror she experienced with her IG account.

✨ How to create an optimized mini-bio for your social media accounts.

✨ Think, amplify, and create a solution to your ideal client’s problem.

✨ Prime real estate, positioning, potential, and your call to action.

✨ A tech trick that you can use to make your bio pretty and optimized!

✨ Be your own height women/men and showcase your accomplishments.

✨ Making a clear, congruent call to action.


🎧 Thanks for listening and see you at the next one!


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